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An History of over 500 years in a glass of Wine

The strength of a Man lies in knowing how to model with his own hands what destiny has reserved for him...

the strength of the Grape lies in knowing how to model man's destiny!


cit. Giuseppe Agazzi



VILLA OPPI, also known as Castello degli Oppi, started its activity as an ancient Roman Post Office (a place where travelers could stop for refreshments, change horses and refresh themselves) about 2000 years ago, thanks also to its strategic position along the road Emilia, halfway between Parma and Piacenza.

The "Posta" service continued until the early 1800s, when Maria Luigia of Austria (Second Wife of Napoleon Bonaparte) Duchess of Parma and Piacenza, used to stop for a refreshment during the summer, during the frequent trips from Parma to Piacenza.

The Duchess, looking for a private home, decides to acquire the property as a private home to be used mainly in the summer and also because it is halfway between the Ducatis.



Falling in love with the millenary history of Villa Oppi and its production tradition, Stefano Agazzi already several years ago, decided to follow in the footsteps of his father Giuseppe, relaunching the brand in a modern key and creating an exclusive line of wines with a high organoleptic and quality profile image.

Starting therefore from the local vineyards, partly autochthonous and partly of French origin planted by the Duchess Maria Luigia of Austria, and from the wines of the territory (Gutturnio, Malvasia, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonarda, etc.) the passion led Stefano to turn Italy to create and select a group of partner wineries located in the best Italian wine regions to produce some of the most important Villa Oppi wines.



Villa Oppi has always been oriented towards limited productions with high organoleptic value,

Thanks to the selection of the bunches one by one, and the complete control of the production cycle from the vineyard to the cellar up to the refinement first in barrique and then in the bottle, guarantees quality excellent in each of its products.

Villa Oppi wines are characterized by the high organoleptic profile and the methods of harvesting, vinification and raising aimed at creating a high quality product suitable not only for connoisseurs but, in general, for all lovers of good wine.

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